Four short links: 13 December 2018

Four short links: 13 December 2018

CS Ethics, Insect IoT, Glitch Showcase, and SQL Repos

  1. Embedded
    — Harvard project that integrates ethics modules
    into courses across the standard computer science curriculum.

    Those modules are straightforward, online, and open access.
  2. Living IOT: A
    Flying Wireless Platform on Live Insects
    We develop and
    deploy our platform on bumblebees which includes backscatter
    communication, low-power self-localization hardware, sensors, and a
    power source. We show that our platform is capable of sensing,
    backscattering data at 1 kbps when the insects are back at the
    hive, and localizing itself up to distances of 80 m from the access
    points, all within a total weight budget of 102 mg.

  3. Looky
    What We Made
    — showcase of Glitch apps.
  4. Git Your
    SQL Together
    why I recommend tracking SQL queries in git:
    1. You will *always* need that query again. 2. Queries are living
    artifacts that change over time. 3. If it’s useful to you, it’s
    useful to others (and vice versa)

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